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Operation Theatre Tables

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Operation Theatre Tables

  • Hydraulic Operation table side end control.
  • Facilitates almost all the purposes and requirements of major/ Minor surgical exercise and procedures.
  • Five sectional table top allows the surgeon to occupy and move to all required desired positions. Single action hydraulic mechanism foot operated.
  • Heavy base stainless steel covered with foot locking.
  • Detachable head and leg section.
  • Multi functions: lithotomy position, trendelenburg position, flex/ reflex position, lateral position, chair position.
  • Length of the table top 185, Width of the table top 50 cm, Mini Ht 75 cm Max Ht 95 cm Trendelenburg Reverse: 35 deg.
  • Lateral tilt: 20 deg.
  • Flex / Reflex: 0 deg / 220 deg.
  • Standard Accessories.: Anesthetic frame, shoulder support with pad, lateral support with pad arm board with SS top, lithotomy strap, mattress.

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